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A successful building project doesn't happen
by chance! It requires:

• An informed client and the right brief.
JSAconsultants works with you to explore the
options and ensure you get what the
project needs.

• The right architect and consultant team.
It's a matter of 'horses for courses' - that's
where our knowledge of the industry ensures
you get the right team, at the right price.



Most building problems are relatively simple
(you wouldn't think so reading the popular
press!) - and can be remedied by deploying the
appropriate skills. Preferably they should be
dealt with 'under the radar' - as appropriate

In the current regulatory environment, that's not always possible.

But even where they escalate, JSAconsultants
wide experience of the building industry will
ensure that the solution is sensible, practical
and value for money.



In the post recession economy, identifying
development opportunities and making the best
of existing assetts and features is essential to a
good outcome.

That's where the experience and lateral thinking
of JSAconsultants can make a dream become
reality - from concept, through feasibility, funding and procurement. Having 'been there, done
that' we know the systems, the dangers and the

We wil be honest about your concept, and if we agree with it, constribute ideas that build on it and make it evenmore successful.  Our goal is to ceate added value that substantially exceeds the cost of our input.


After 40 years as a director and consultant of award winning firms Sinclair Group Architects and Architectus, I have realised that my knowledge and experience of all aspects of building and urban development can be used to get better outcomes at better costs. Quality design and construction, value for money and achieving building goals are not incompatable - JSAconsultants is dedicated to achieving these.

If you are contemplating a building project and would like to be certain that you are getting value for money, then contact us for a NO OBLIGATION PROJECT HEALTH CHECK.

You can also check out our blog where we comment on current building and development issues,
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